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At Beauty in Mind we use Jessica nail treatment system.

The cornerstone of Jessica nail system identified that everyone's nails are not alike! As hair and skin differ from person to person so do nails.

Jessica nail system identifies 5 different nail conditions dry, brittle , normal, weak or post acrylic. Jessica products has customise base coats for these specific nail types - to make sure you have exactly what you need for the life long health for your nails.


Geleration Soak off Gel Polish

  • 3 weeks wear and chip resistant
  • Flawlessly dry in seconds -no smudging
  • Protects the natural nails- gives weak, bitten or problem nails the chance to grow

Basic Pedicure £28.00.

  • We prepare your feet for treatment by immersing them in a soothing foot spa with citrus and mango foot soak.
  • Cut and file nails.
  • Tidy Cuticles 
  • File and remove hard skin.
  • Massage with Mandarin and Mint Yoghurt Foot Lotion

Luxury Pedicure £35.00 same as above plus

  •  Lime and Ginger foot scrub
  • Peppermint and Blueberry foot mask     
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