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Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair manly on the face. A fine needle is used to deliver a controlled electrical current into the hair follicle to destroy the hair root.

Treatment is often recommended every 7 - 14 days; this will vary depending on the hair growth and skin type. Although this is classed as a permanent removal of hair, the result is achieved over a period of time. 

Electrolysis Prices

10 minutes £13.00

15 minutes £18.00

20 minutes £21.00

30 minutes £23.00

Courses Available buy six session receive the 7th free

Electrolysis FAQ

Q :Why do you need more than one treatment?

A: The hair cycle of growth involves three stages; one of these stages is the active stage and is the ideal stage to destroy the hair. Whilst the hair is resting or breaking down the treatment is not so successful. The therapist cannot change the cycle of growth therefore a number of insertions will automatically have to be repeated as the hair moves through the growing cycle. Regular treatments will ensure the hairs are all treated over a period of time. It is important to remember not to pluck or wax in between each session.

Q -What to look for and ask before first treatment?

A- The salon displays a certificate of registration issued by the local council. This registration is proof that the salon procedures have been inspected and are up to the required standard for any skin piercing treatment. Individually pre-sterilised needles are changed for every client and treatment.

Q - Does Electrolysis hurt?

A - It would be misleading to say it is painless, however the sensation is minimal. The main sensation is a second of heat when the current is applied. This has been described as a pinprick or a slight sting. It can create more sensation over the centre of the upper lip, which is a more sensitive area The degree of feeling differs greatly from person to person, the only way to find out is to book a FREE consultation and test patch and find out how you tolerate the sensation.

For large areas for permanent removal of hair please click on Intense Pulse. Light Treatments.

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